Key Issues And Applications Of Databases Within Organisations

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TASK 1 – Analysis of key issues and applications of databases within organisations a) Analyse the following key issues of databases within organisational environments: • Integrity • Security • Legislation • Recovery • Industry standards (e.g. Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL) There are several issues and applications of databases within organisations. It is important to know these in order to design a good database. Integrity Data integrity can be defined as “The accuracy and consistency of stored data, indicated by an absence of any alteration in data between two updates of a data record.” (, 23/01/15) Data integrity can be degraded due to “invalid data, redundant data, and inconsistent data.”(Database Security and Auditing, Page 11) These degradations could be the result of: • User entering invalid data mistakenly or due to incompetence. • Application code not validating inputted data. • Faulty design that does not conform to normalisation standards. • Errors that occur when data is transmitted from one computer to another. • Software bugs or viruses. • Hardware malfunctions, such as disk crashes. • Fires, floods and other natural disasters. Threats to data integrity can be reduced by: • Backing up data regularly. • Controlling access to data via security mechanisms. • Designing user interfaces that prevent the input of invalid data. • Using error detection and correction software when transmitting data. Data integrity is

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