Key Issues Of Strategic Management

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1.0 Introduction The purpose of this report is to identify key issues of strategic management that have influenced the achievement and failures in Virgin Group. The case study will be focusing on three topics: Organisational culture, Leadership, Entrepreneur and Innovation. 2.0 Case study background According to Virgin (2014) Virgin is one of the world’s most recognised and respected brands. It is leading international investment group conceived in 1970 by Sir Richard Branson. Virgin is a broadened gathering of more than 200 privately held companies. According to Fundinguniverse (no date) the biggest of these companies are Virgin Atlantic Airways, which is number two airline in the United Kingdom; Virgin Holidays, a holiday operator;…show more content…
1987 The Virgin Airship and Balloon Company (later to become Virgin Balloon Flights) takes off. It becomes quite hard to keep Richard’s feet on the ground. 1988 Virgin Megastores opens new stores in Glasgow and Paris. Virgin Hotel (later to become Virgin Limited Edition) launches an exclusive hotel range with the purchase of properties in Edinburgh, North Yorkshire and Hampshire. Virgin Atlantic files from Gatwick to New York JFK for the first time 1989 Tokyo-bound Virgin Atlantic launches its route to Tokyo. 1990 Japan’s first Megastore. 1991 Richards buys The Roof Gardens. 1992 Virgin Records is sold to EMI. 1993 Our first national radio station hits the airwaves. 1994 We decide to start the cola wars. 1995 Virgin hits the big screen. 1996 Richards gets in to bridal wear (really). 1997 We slap on a little make-up. 1998 Trip to the Caribbean anyone? 1999 We decide to get fit. 2000 It’s all about cars, money and wine. 2001 Our tilting trains take to the tracks. 2002 We show our knickers. 2003 Upper Class Suite with fully flat beds? Oh go on then. 2004 First we reach Sydney, then we reach for space. 2005 Richards rocks the Kasbah. 2006 Virgin Mobile goes global. 2007 Virgin Media becomes the UK’s first quad play company. 2008 VMS Eve in unveiled. 2009 We celebrate 25 years of red hot service with Virgin Atlantic. 2010 We run London Marathon and take the first test flight in our spaceship. 2011 High drama on Necker Island. 2012 Virgin Money hits the high
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