Key Levels Of Self Identity

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3 Key Levels of Self-Identity That Powerfully Impact Leadership Skill How we lead first begins with our relationship to our "self." In fact, everything we do stems from this source of mindset. It determines our perception and how we see our self in relation to others and to the world at large. I 've come to understand three general categories of self-identity/self-image and how each one will show up in our everyday lives in business and, specifically, as leaders. Keep in mind that 95% of what runs our lives is out of our awareness or "unconscious." It can be accessed, if you understand how, yet most people are too busy "doing." They have lost sight of the present moment and how to "be." Hence, most of what is possible or what they truly act out in their lives goes right over their heads; they are so busy-minded that they miss what would otherwise be obvious. So before you write off a category, be mindful that if you are not fully self-actualized-as Maslow would say of one who is enlightened and evolved, with feet planted on the earth-there is a good chance that on some level at least some of this applies to you. The first category would be "Low self-image/self-esteem." Here the identity is, for example, "I am not good enough," "I am not worthy," "I am powerless/helpless," or "Something is wrong with me." Keep in mind that these stories in our brain are often formed before age seven and get locked into our physiology at the level of cellular memory. So even if you are
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