Kick Scooter: Commuting In Toronto

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Commuting in Toronto includes TTC, cars and bicycles; however, in recent years a new alternative for transportation known as the Kick Scooter has become a very favorable choice when people think of an efficient way to move around the city. Currently, for most Torontians, the TTC and bikes are the fastest and most efficient ways to commute in Toronto and according to a 2014 ranking, the TTC was considered one the most successful systems of transportation compared with other cities (Flack, 2014). In addition, bikes are mostly considered “healthy, convenient, cost-effective, and fun” (Start Cycling) but although the TTC and bicycles provide a good service, many people over time have obtained better results from alternative transportation, especially…show more content…
If it is true that the kick scooter in the early years of its creation was seen just as a toys for kids, nowadays it is taken into account when people talk about viable options of commuting within the cities. (Stacey, 2008, para.1, 6). Toronto could not be the exception and as fast as the transportation in the city develop, citizens search different options to make their experience of traveling more efficient (Marciniak, 2009, para1.). Referring to this topic, Marciniak provides an overview of what the kick scooter is and why people choose it, including the high quality materials used to manufacture the kick scooter; such as the “aluminum and polyurethane” (Stacey, 2008, para.5) but he also points out the different opinions presented by people; some of them bearing in mind that this invention can be consider just a toy not a transport and the others highlighting the positive benefits presented by the kick scooter. For example Marciniak alludes the large amount of time economized going from one place to another, the money saved by using a kick scooter because it does not require a large maintenance to work properly and the convenience of use; no occupying a lot of space and being easy to…show more content…
Sometimes is really interesting to see that even a business man can be using this artifact (Marciniak, 2008, para.2). Complementing this information Jack explains the implementation of the scooters in the city of New York, having very positive effects on people who daily make use of this means of transport, making comparisons on the use of bicycles and scooters, revealing the fact that the Kick scooter could eventually replace the use of bicycles as long as it is for specific situations, such as short distance commutes and also as a recreational object. In addition he mentions the great help that the kick scooter provides when a person want to mobilize within a densely populated city. Similar to what Marciniak says, Jack cites several examples about the convenience offered by the kick scooter and the effects that the implementation of the scooter had in the life of New Yorkers who use kick scooter as a feasible transportation option. The favorable results that the introduction of the Kick scooter in Toronto has been presenting, show the actual responses of people in front of this new alternative mean of transport. In fact, despite the advantages that public transport and bicycles possess, many people see the kick scooter as the best choice for short commutes instead of taking the TTC or bikes. If the number of people who prefer to take this alternative
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