Kierkegaard 's Views On Faith

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Kierkegaard: Faith is truly a marvel and no single human being can ever be excluded from it and its greatness.
Sartre: How could one describe faith as a marvel?
Kierkegaard: Faith is a passion, and passion unites every single one of us.
Sartre: Faith is not a passion, it is not something to be striven for or to take pride in; it is something that is restrictive and confining to human life and progress.
Kierkegaard: Faith is most certainly a passion; it is inherent and natural, and it has the potential to bring us salvation.
Sartre: I agree that bad faith is something that is natural, but it is also something which we must free ourselves from in order to achieve true happiness and to be able to live an authentic way of life.
Kierkegaard: Faith is so good a thing as I consider it to be the highest human passion; how could one not? Faith is necessary to be happy, not something to be escaped from in order to achieve happiness.
Sartre: Faith is absolutely an important concept, and it is one that runs our lives and is central to them, and it can at times feel inescapable, however it is far from the highest passion for human beings.
Kierkegaard: I concur; it cannot be argued that faith is not central to our lives. Yet it most certainly is something inherently and undeniably passionate. It requires a leap of faith; a refusal to use any kind of rationale or reasoning as to why you should or should not have faith in such an impossibility.
Sartre: To believe in an

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