Killing the Killer Whale Essay

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Orcas, also known as killer whales, are amazingly intelligent and are a top predator, much like humans. However, when the top predator of the ocean collides with the top predator of land, the situation can become fatal for both humans and the whales. Holding these incredibly massive marine animals in captivity is not only inhumane and detrimental to the whale’s health, but also a potentially fatal activity for humans to participate in. Orca trafficking is the equivalent of human trafficking: kidnapping a child or pup from the mother to be used for the entertainment of others. Killer whales are family oriented, and all of a mother’s offspring stay with her their entire lives (spong). When a pup is being taken or captured the entire family …show more content…

After drilling of the teeth, the area must be washed thoroughly every day for the rest of the particular orca’s life. Bad dental issues can lead to many other health problems such as infections, pneumonia, and even a heart attack. Orcas are also constantly receiving antibiotics, which causes “…disruption of normal bacterial flora in the gut, malnutrition, and susceptibility of the host to opportunistic pathogens such as fungi and yeast.” The orcas also get a great deal of sunburn because there is no protection from it in such a shallow pool. The sunburn can cause cataracts among other things (Jett, Jeffery). Keeping the orcas in the wild would have prevented all the pain and suffering captivity has caused these whales. In captivity, killer whales become very aggressive which has led to many trainer deaths. The first death Tilikum was involved in occurred at Sea land. During training, he was starved as punishment and bullied by other whales, which added to the psychosis he had already experienced. On February 20, 1991 during a show the trainer fell in the pool. Tilikum immediately pulled her down and back up to the surface repeatedly. He finally did this enough that she died. After her death, Sea Land closed down and Tilikum was sold to Sea World. After arriving at Sea World, Tilikum was still being bullied by other whales. He was finally isolated from the others and left alone the majority of the time. Being left

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