King Arthur, Sir Gawain and Superman Essay

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Rick Riordan said “A hero can go anywhere, challenge anyone, as long as he has the nerve.” and he is correct because that is exactly what King Arthur, Sir Gawain and Superman do. They risk their very own lives and put themselves in front of others with their courageous acts from fighting great green knights to fighting the towns super villain. They do it all just to protect their city. The culture of the Medieval Ages valued with bravery and courtly love which was reflected in the exploits and adventures of King Arthur and Sir Gawain; the modern culture trait of compassion is embodied in the modern hero Superman.
“Chivalry based its rules first on the knight's duty to defend the people he had promised to defend. To run away or give up was
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Comparing it to Superman it shows his love life does not compare to this at all. "Chretien's Lancelot is a classic "courtly lover." His total devotion to Arthur's queen gives expression to the twelfth century's exploration of a new code of elegant courtship." (Medieval Arthurian Romances) Launcelot, falling in love with King Arthur’s queen, wife, Gwynevere is known as a courtly lover because he risks his life just to save her even though they are not married showing his true devotion to the King and Queen.
According to Allen “King Arthur's favorite knight, Sir Launcelot, has fallen in love with the king's wife, Gwynevere. The secret love affair is exposed by Sir Modred, Arthur's son by another woman, and Gwynevere is sentenced to burn at the stake. While rescuing the imprisoned Gwynevere, Launcelot slays two knights who, unknown to him at the time, are the brother of Sir Gawain, a favorite nephew of Arthur's. After a reconciliation, Launcelot returns Gwynevere to Arthur to be reinstated as queen.” (Allen 248)
By this statement the reader can conclude they are resembling bravery in Sir Launcelot to risk his life to save a woman that is not his, although Gwynevere is not his wife, but lover, he risked everything to save her life. Also act resembles courtly love. This idea is also
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