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British Literature
September 11, 2015
Readers Response Rough Draft: Lanval In modern day times the hero has always been a male, especially during the 12th century where gender stereotypes of men and women greatly existed. At least that’s what we all have been accustomed to believe. Not to mention in movies like Hercules, Twilight, Titanic, and even in Cinderella all men are the heroes of course. However, “Lanval,” a 12th century lay, composed by a woman by the name of Marie De France, during a time when woman did not write or even have rights, contradicts the beliefs of all to prove otherwise. Not always are men “Superior.” Not always is the man the “hero” in the
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This woman, came all the way from her land in search for this man in my opinion is something that a man would instead do. She gives him gifts, “horse had been saddled,” “Lanval was richly served.” The woman tells him after confessing her love that he would lose her for good if he ever spoke of their love. Lanval, who you’d think would be a “Brave manly knight” has no problem being demanded and agrees. Lanval stays loyal to his promise until Queen Guinevere confesses her interest in him, offering herself to him in which he then he delicately rejects her. Speaking his loyalty to King Arthur. Angry, she blames him of being homosexual, Lanval, because of Queen Guinevere’s accusation says, “The poorest girl of all, is better than you, my lady queen, in body, face, and beauty.” The queen asking to be involved in an adulterous relationship is not seen as ideal behavior for modern women or for twelfth century women. During this time men were commonly known for being dishonest and unfaithful, therefore, to have this woman do this, definitely was a different direction than expected. Hurt by the rejection and statement of Lanval, Queen Guinevere tells King Arthur that Lanval came onto her. Arthur upset at the situation orders that Lanval be sent to court where if he could not prove that such a woman existed more beautiful than his beloved queen, he shall be…show more content…
Lanval is sure that his lady will not show up, but in reality, she does. Judgement was about to be made “When through the city came riding a girl on horseback.” (Line 548). The way she is described is almost like a knight in shining armor. The sense seems to be that we should identify this lady as magical, almost like a fairy from a realm greater than our own

The fact that both women are far from your stereotype; they’re sexually aggressive, women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to take it. The story ignores gender norms. Marie De France wrote of this for no other reason than to open up the eyes of those who during this time were greatly convinced of such a stereotype. She showed that roles can greatly be switched changing the perspective of love, of heroism,
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