King Henry Carnmer

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Everyone know the basic refomers for example Martin Luther & John Calvin.But does anyone know Thomas Cranmer.Thomas was the archbishop of canterbury after William Warham the previous archbishop. He took his holy orders 1523 after his wife dided in child birth*.But after this event he fled the city because of a plague. After he fled he caught the attention of Henry VIII who was close to where he was. Henry saw that Thomas was on the same ground as of Henry's marriage to Catherine of Aragon. And by order of King Henry Carnmer was later on sent to Germany to learn more about the Lutheran movement, where he met Andreas Osiander, a Lutheran reformer whose ideas appealed to him. Osiander's niece also appealed to him. So Cranmer and the niece, Margaret, were married that year. On March 30, 1533, he became Archbishop of Canterbury, and forced him to hide his marriage. Once his interview was approved by the Pope, Cranmer declared King Henry's marriage to Catherine void**. and four months later Henry was married to Anne…show more content…
For some time he stood against the Marian reforms but it was doomed that he would become a victim of the new melitia . He was charged with treason and imprisoned but not sentenced to death . Instead it was for heresy that Cranmer was tried and executed. It took a long time to break the peace loving man but after threats and promises, deprivation and long imprisonment Cranmer did break and signed a recantation of his firmly held beliefs. Realising that he had been deceived, and would not be released, Cranmer set about having the last word. As he stood before the pyre he used his final public prayer to profess his reformed faith, to repudiate the error of transubstantiation and to denounce the Pope . Then, as the flames licked around him he put the hand that had signed his recantation into the fire first with his famous last words “This hand hath
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