King Jr's Accomplishments

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With maturity comes wisdom, and the importance of education becomes more clear as I look to further my academic career. Understanding the need for dedication in school has allowed me to recognize the great impact the same drive in every aspect of my life will have on my future. It is often thrown upon students to study and turn assignments in: students are taught to jump through hoops to earn. As I continue to mature, However, I have realized that there is more to an education than a grade. In fact, the immense number of factors that can go into or come out of academics has greatly impacted the person I have become. For example, I feel as though it is essential to know that I am more than a grade. I am more than a score. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. perceived and portrayed this idea in his famous quote. He helped pave the way for greatness through education by driving his success through thinking critically having the character to reach his goal of a true education. …show more content…

Any student can learn the mere content that is lectured by teachers; however, it takes a truly determined individual- a student who is striving for success- to understand the deeper meaning of the material: the ability to “think critically”. It takes a great level of maturity to apply an education to one’s daily life, which is a characteristic I can truly say that I obtain. To me, balance and discipline are two key factors in life. Whether this is academics, sports, or extracurricular activities, I ensure that I give 100% in everything I do. I know there is a much greater impact on my life when I give every ounce of effort I

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