King Of The Lost And Found Character Analysis

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King of the Lost And Found is about a character named Raymond Dunne, who is currently in the 9th grade. He has an abnormal condition that causes him to faint randomly at any time of the day that doesn’t have a medical solution or history. His mother recently married her second husband. Raymond has mixed feelings about having a second father. He decides to stay with first father while his mother leaves to live in California, even though he misses his mother. Raymond wishes to be popular at his school. He attends a leadership group to help further evolve Raymond’s skills to socialize and take action in certain situations to better succeed in life. Raymond carries around a set of keys that are copies of the school that he has made over time that can open any door in the school. Raymond volunteers often to help out around the school. The new principal calls Raymond in because she believes that Raymond has control issues. The principal believes that Raymond likes to think that he runs the school when she notices the key, and that the keys are suppose to bring attention to Raymond.
One day in his sophomore year of high school Raymond meets Jack Alexander. Jack is in the 12th grade, he is considered very skilled at basketball and popular until he quits the basketball team because he doesn’t enjoy the sport anymore. Jack picks Raymond up after he fainted in front of the painting of the founder of the school. Jack felt sorry for Raymond because everyone was just stepping over Raymond
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