King Tut 's Curse, Real Or Fiction?

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King Tut’s Curse, Real or Fiction?
Ancient Egypt was my favorite topic in social studies. As far back as I could remember. I have always been interested, especially since Egypt is a neighboring country to Libya, my second home. The world is still fascinated, and intrigued by its mysteries. Who build the pyramids? How were they built by? One of the most asked questions were. Who was King Tut? Was there really a curse? King Tutankhamen took reign at the very young age of nine, after his father Akhenaten’s death in 1322 B.C. Although his short reign of around ten years accomplished very little. The discovery of his tomb in 1922 has led to many discoveries. He was once almost unknown and now is one of the most well-known. He was well known for his curse on who ever disturbs his tomb. I believe the curse is fake. The curse was actually used to sell more newspapers and protect the tomb from robbers.
It all began, On Feb. 171923. A crowd of invited archeologists and Egyptian dignitaries, were gathered in the Valley of the Kings. They were there to view the uncovering of King Tutankhamen’s burial chamber. The outer rooms were filled with treasures, Egyptian art, and furnishings. But everyone was more anticipated to view the actual mummy. While the more leading kings and queens treasures had been looted long ago whereas, King Tut’s tomb had practically been untouched. It had only been robbed twice and luckily the robbers only got past the first chamber. Two months after the
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