Kiyomi: The Queen Of The Princess

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Kiyomi is the eldest daughter of King Ra and Queen Artemis she also has a younger sister named Miyuki being the first born she is the next in line to become the queen of Thalia a planet that was in the center of other worlds that her family protected, and as princess she swore she would protect them as well and work hard to serve as a good queen.

During her younger years, she attended pre-school with some of the gem guardians that would, later on, be her future team they had all become very good friends and were always seen playing with each other and as time went on they started middle school,it was there where all their powers awakened and she became Sailor Solaris.

Kiyomi's 14th birthday she awakened her powers when the kingdom had been under attack by a strange creature and almost killed her sister if she had not stepped in a transformed using the power of the Sun stone given to her by Diamond,it was then that her and her team were born after …show more content…

For the time being, she hides in the shadow and waits for the enemy to make their move and see if she can find any leads to where her sister may have even gone as far to watch the other scouts to see if one of them may be working with

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