Klimt The Kiss Summary

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The painting was made by Gustav Klimt a now famous artist, he was born in the Austrian Empire. I believe that Klimts “the Kiss” is a masterpiece that was under appreciated at his time. Today his artwork the kiss is a widely popular piece of art made over one hundred and nearly 10 years ago. Klimt was not a popular artist at the time and was widely viewed as a sinful artist because of a painting he did earlier on. His painting “The Kiss” shows a man kissing a woman on the head and is one of his most famous art pieces. It is a painting adored by many, for its strong golden based colors and the way the artist expresses the male and female. The formal aspects of the kiss contain an array of colors. The piece of art contains a very light sided color theme as its primary color is a golden yellow. Around the figures heads he adds leafs to the males head in a crown shape to show that he is important, like the leader of the situation, he also adds flowers to the females hair to emphasize the Beauty of the woman. As you go down the male, his uniform seems to be laced with darker elements along with the gold color to outline his side of the art and separate him from the female. As you go down the females side she has flowers all over her dress to separate her from the males darker side of the clothes, and outline the dress she is wearing. the display of colors on the female range from mostly lighter colors to few dark colors in the flowers. and as you go further down you notice the
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