Klu Klux Klan Essay

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Klu Klux Klan

The Ku Klux Klan was a brutal, suppressive cult organization which fought to deny the basic civil rights and human liberties granted to citizens of the U.S. by the Bill of Rights to African-Americans, immigrants, Roman-Catholics, Jews, socialists, communists, and anyone else who went against its beliefs or interfered in its work.

The Klan was first established in Pulaski, Tennessee in May 1866 by Nathan Forrest, just two years after the end of the Civil War. Some white southerners, however, were still fighting the war and felt they would be until their death. Forrest was the Klan’s first “Imperial Wizard”, and the Klan quickly spread to other southern states. At the time there were other white supremacy organizations
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This was a result of the Klan accomplishing its objective of white supremacy in the south. By 1870, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia, where Klan support and membership were highest, were governed by completely white governments. With its objective achieved and the passing of the Ku Klux Act in 1871, the Klan virtually disappeared, but only temporarily.

With the outbreak of World War I and the constant fear of a communist revolution, the Klan was reestablished and brought back into power in 1915, this time targeting more than African Americans. The Klan now fought against African-Americans, foreigners, Jews, socialists, Roman Catholics, and communists, with its main opponent being the NAACP. “All hyphenated groups - whether they be Negro-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Catholic-Americans, Italian-Americans or whatever must become American-Americans, or leave the country! The Ku Klux Klan is an American-American organization. As the Army of the Klan we Klavaliers are dedicated to saving America for Americans!”3

Under the leadership of Hiram Evans in 1922, the Klan quickly regained power and the organization spread quickly. Klan officials controlled state governments in not only the south, but states in
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