Knightriders, By George Romero

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The film, Knightriders, is a quirky Indie movie made in 1981 by George Romero. It is a modern retelling of the tale of King Arthur. Billy, “King William”, leads his group of motorcycle knights to various towns to perform their jousting routine. His vision is to lead the group under the traditional Camelot Arthurian rule. Along the way, a rival faction emerges from within the group to compete for the throne, with Morgan leading the mutinous faction. After multiple issues arise within the group such as a coercive police officer wrongfully arresting Billy and Whiteface, a promoter contacting the group, and a fight breaking out between members of the group, some members abandon the group while others go with the promoter. Eventually the group …show more content…

The police officer that arrested Billy and Whiteface used his coercive power to falsely arrest them. One of the main ideas through the plot of the movie was centered around the rivalry for the throne. They jousted for power of the throne and it ended up carrying over into the relationships of the group. At one point the group was divided over who should be the king, with some preferring Morgan and others loyal to Billy. The rivalry was centered around their traits and personality types. The characters showed that no one can really change who they are; they did change some parts about themselves, but overall was it proved that important character traits are difficult to change. Morgan and Billy changed the most, but it took almost the entire movie for them to do so. They had to go through various issues, see that they were wrong, and change their ways of thinking. That’s when the group achieved the greatest cohesion. Both of them had things that they needed to change about themselves, and they prove that too much of one of the Big Five traits can be negative. Billy was shown to be too closed off to openness when he would not change anything about the group or even consider the promoter’s help, while Morgan was too open to the changes going on around them. Both of them had extremely low neuroticism; they did not remain calm when being tested by an issue or another member and both took

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