Knights Vs Samurai Research Paper

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Who Will Win?: Samurai vs Knight
There is a dispute on whether knights or samurai would win in a battle. The samurai come from Japan, the knights come from Europe. Clearly they were not close to each other which means that they have different customs, armor, training, beliefs, etc. Although this would never happen, in a one on one battle, the advantage would be to the knights and this can be seen in training, armor, and beliefs from various documents.
The first reason why knights would have an advantage is from their training. Document C2, adapted by the PBS series “Warrior Challenge” in 2003, supports my claim. It says “A future knight’s training began at the age of four or five with learning how to ride a pony.” This shows that a knight could have an advantage here because they could have more …show more content…

In document D, written by the DBQ Project, it states “Not only was their entire body covered… even horses wore armor.” This shows that a knight could win in a battle because they were completely covered in protection. They wore helmets, gloves, and shoes made from steel. This was helpful because they wouldn’t get hurt as easily. Also, their swords were shorter, much easier to move in the air, and they had amazingly sharp sides that can do some serious damage. Another piece of evidence is from the same document, which says “Samurai did not wear armor on their right arm… One disadvantage of samurai armor is that when it became wet, the silk cords absorbed water and became very heavy.” This makes it beyond difficult for the samurai to get around because most of the Earth is water, and Japan is an island. Since they didn’t wear armor on one part of their body, it is much easier for them to get hurt, especially since the knights’ swords were so advanced. The knights’ armor was better than the samurais’ for fighting in a lot of ways, but there are still other advantages that the knights might have

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