Knowledge Management Analysis And Design Proposal

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Running head: KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT CASE 1 KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT CASE 11 Knowledge Management Analysis & Design Proposal U.S Department of Labor, Office of Chief Information Office Student: Alex D. Aus George Washington University Advanced Knowledge Management (EMSE 6992) Professor Kimberly Davis October 21, 2016 Organization Overview Knowledge management is a concept that is widely known in many organizations but despite the concept being around for more than two decades, a universally accepted meaning of the term is yet to be outlined. Knowledge management is a concept that is concerned with the aspect of learning something before putting it into action. The concept is also involved with creating a platform which will allow exploration of new types of knowledge. The created knowledge may then be incepted in the minds of the employees to add value to the products or services they deliver. What is important to note is that as far as KM is concerned, it does not go beyond storing and manipulating data or information. Knowledge transfer to decision makers will need the development of a structured approach to ensure that it is available on demand. When considering the department of labor, you would appreciate the need for implementation of this strategy. Many departments hoard information thus making it tough to access
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