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Tata Consultancy Services (India) – Case study

Name: Ayesh Perera
Student id: s0223566
Assessment: Assessment 2_Case Study-Essay Course: Case study Knowledge Management Foundations
Course no: COIT13233
Lecturer: Santoso Wibowo
Due date: Week 10 Thursday (09-May-2013)

The purpose of this essay is to answer the questions from the "Tata Consultancy Services (India)" case study on pages 253-255 of Jashapara (2011)

The discussion includes advice regarding a strategic alliance with Cisco. Two of the key elements of this case study which are discussed are describing the current weaknesses in Tata Consultancy Services with an approach to knowledge management and the improvements that are made to eliminate these
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It is a preparation between two companies that have decided to share resources to undertake a specific, mutually beneficial project. A strategic alliance is less involved and less permanent than a joint venture, in which two companies typically pool resources to create a separate business entity. In a strategic alliance, each company maintains its autonomy while gaining a new opportunity. A strategic alliance could help a company develop a more effective process, expand into a new market or develop an advantage over a competitor, among other possibilities. (
Investopedia explains 'Strategic Alliance'
For example, an oil and natural gas company might form a strategic alliance with a research laboratory to develop more commercially viable recovery processes. A clothing retailer might form a strategic alliance with a single clothing manufacturer to ensure consistent quality and sizing. A major website could form a strategic alliance with an analytics company to improve its marketing efforts. (
Knowledge Management can make a significant difference between ongoing or successful ventures of any organization in a world of accelerating change. Knowledge Management provides the ability to connect and cooperate complex ideas efficiently and can be beneficial even to expand when using strategic alliances. To make Knowledge Management work in an
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