The Miles And Snow Typology

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To be successful, an organization always have to adapt to the environment and be ready to any changes or new competitors in the industry field. In order to do that, managers must sustain the organization structure by implementing the appropriate strategy that goes with the company situation also business strategy is very important if the organization seek to establish competitive advantage also its gives the ability to overcome the barriers that an organization may face. In general researches has sort the business strategy concept with many types, but the Miles and Snow typology in 1978 remains one of the most popular and frequently used approaches in studying business strategy. Miles and Snow type business firms into four sections. First, defenders which emphasis efficiency; second, prospectors which emphasis new product introduction; third, analyzers which follows the prospectors and finally reactors which have an inconsistent orientation to their environment. Barney, 1986 and Porter, 1980 holds that firms that exist in the same industry are in fact competitors. This assumption has been challenged by strategic-group literature which helps one recognize the significance of strategic group, which is likely to reveal how a…show more content…
The behavior implications of market commonality for response have been noted by Porter in 1980: " A central characteristic of competition is that firms are mutually dependent: firms feel the effects of each other's moves and are prone to react to them". Thus, the researchers found that the firm has grater market commonality with the initiator of the attack would be more likely to respond, and defenders that are most similar to the attacker in their strategic resource will have the greatest potential and capability for
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