Knowledge Of Sccap, Mission, And The Position

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Knowledge of SCCAP, mission, and the position:

1. What have you done to prepare for this interview? Follow-up: “Tell me about your understanding of this position and what appeals to you most about this position.”

2. How do your past positions qualify you for this position and how would your experience contribute to your success here as the Executive Director?

3. Why are you passionate about SCCAP and our mission?

4. Describe your work experience with low-income families. What motivates you about working with low-income individuals and families?

Applicant’s self-awareness of their personal strengths and weaknesses:

5. What areas would you like to gain more knowledge in your professional development? Follow-up: “In looking at the job description for Executive Director, which areas are you most comfortable with and which area do you have the least amount of experience in?” Second follow-up: “For the areas you have the least amount of experience in, describe how would you go about getting that experience and/or knowledge in that area to be successful here?”

Applicant’s knowledge on poverty:

6. What are some of the causes of poverty? Follow-up: “What are some of the barriers of getting out of poverty?”

Applicant’s relationship style as it relates to the workplace:

7. What types of people are difficult for you to work with and why?

8. What do you see as the ideal relationship between the board and the executive director?

9. Tell me about your experience working
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