Kodak Swot Analysis

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Company Overview
Eastman Kodak Company, better known as Kodak, specializes in the production of high quality film and printing products. Found by George Eastman in 1880, Kodak’s success began in 1888, when the company introduced the first simple camera to the consumer market. Kodak would continue to create innovations which revolutionized film and photography. In the late 1800’s Kodak developed the first daylight loading camera and marketed the first film used to make motion pictures. By 1900 the company introduced their famous Brownie Camera. The Brownie camera presented an affordable method for hobbyists and general consumers interested in photography. Additionally, Kodak’s Developing Machine allowed users to process film without a
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This in turn gains great exposure for their brand and pushes their competitors to look other places to push their products in front of consumers. They also have a strong presence in the online photo storage technology market competing with companies like Shutterfly. With everything moving towards cloud storage for consumers and businesses, this places them to be competitive in the market to come. Within many stores like Rite Aid and Walgreens you will find Kodak’s digital mini photo labs. This being another strength of theirs, they have been able to solidify exclusive agreements with the companies listed previously as well as many other large chain retailers. Another stronghold for Kodak falls within the 11,000 patents they hold, including but not limited to digital imaging and film processes. They are in current litigations with companies like HTC and Apple, in attempt to generate revenues due to the infringement on patents.

Kodak is known for many of its strengths, but it has many weaknesses as well. Kodak has serious weaknesses to consider such as the following: poor communication, weak real estate portfolio, diseconomies of scale, poor supply chain, and over leveraged financial position. However these are just some of the weaknesses. Kodak’s other weaknesses to focus on would be the weakness in the management team as well as a

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