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09/26/2012 |

Quality Perceptual Map

Exclusivity Perceptual Map

The Fine Jewelry Market Defined
“The consumers in the fine jewellery market segment are quality conscious individuals who appreciate and understand the prestige and pride of ownership when purchases are made in such companies and markets.”

Product Category Tiffany and Co. is a fine jewelry company that was established in 1837 in New York City (Tiffany and Co., 2012). In 1886, Tiffany and Co. created their first engagement ring, which has since become one of their most successful product lines (Tiffany and Co., 2012). Since then Tiffany and Co. has expanded their product lines to include …show more content…

Tiffany’s colors are blue white and silver although gold is also incorporated in their jewelry. These colors are calm, cool and understated so that there are no distractions and nothing to divert attention away from their merchandise. 3. Hearing: Having the store’s staff educate you on the rings they are selling, hearing and remembering what the potential fiancé wants in a ring, having

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