Korean Missile Launching: Other Countries Reactions: An Annotated Bibliography

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North Korean Missile Launching: Other Countries’ Reactions: An Annotated Bibliography
By HYUNG-JIN KIM - Associated, Press. North Korean Missile Test May Have Been Big Step Forward. AP Top News Package, Associated Press DBA Press Association, 02/13/2017
North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, says the missile fired is a new nuclear weapon in progress. North Korean rockets depended on liquid fuel, technology from the mid 1900’s, until now. The current videos of the missile launching shows that the new missile from North Korea use a more modern fuel to power the rockets called solid fuel. This advancement in North Korea’s missiles are a huge deal. With such missiles, North Korea can launch a missile off a ground bound vehicle from anywhere in …show more content…

The United Nations are to meet and discuss the repercussions for North Korea for breaking the Security Council agreement. Tokyo is concerned that the threat of nuclear war is intensifying against North Korea, the United States and their allies. North Korea tried not to violate Japanese air space. Studies showed that the missile test was a complete success and if fired at a different angle could have reached as far as the United States. North Korea can work out the difficulties of the missiles. If North Korea does fix all the technical issues of the missiles, it is possible that they will use it as a threat to the United States. North Korea currently has 30 missiles in their possession, but had not tested them until now. North Korea claimed the missile had a satellite attached to it as an excuse to test new missile …show more content…

Nuclear weapons are found in 9 different countries, but none of these countries have tested the nuclear weapons in the 21st century except North Korea. A single nuclear missile could eliminate entire cities while killing millions of people. The world needs to intervein now if it wants to stop Dictator Kim from causing World War III by expanding his nuclear weapons. The 38th parallel is a line separating North Korea, a communist country, and South Korea, an ally of the United States. The line separating them was supposed to be for a short while, but there has not been a treaty to remove it. The dictator’s family has been in power for several generations and has a tight grip on the country of North Korea and its people. Often times the country has struggled to even feed all of its people. In 2011 when Kim Jong Un inherited the country most of the world hoped that he would modernize the country, but has showed the world he is just as ruthless as his father and grandfather were. Kim ordered the death of his uncle and continued the testing of nuclear missiles. The life of most North Koreans is poverty and controlled to the maximum

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