Korean War On The Vietnam War Essay

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The Korean War, which triggered intense conflict between Soviet Union and the United States, was the first “hot war” in the Cold War era. It altered American Foreign policy from its root and also brought huge change in the international relations. In this paper, the international background of the Korean War and US foreign policy before the Korean War will be explained firstly. Next, the reason, process and aspects of the Korean War will be discussed. After the notice of the background of the Korean War, how the Korean war changed American foreign policy will be argued mainly. Additionally, the influence of the Korean War on the Vietnam War and Cold War also going to be examined.
After the World War II, American leaders did not expect Soviet threat. The main reason was that America had nuclear weapons and the Soviet Union had not enough strength to stand against US. Of course there were some minorities who declared to increase military expenditure. For instance, the Council of Economic Advisors chairman rejected request of extra $2 billion for defense, for the reason of domestic economy should be considered more important than national security (Jervis, 1980, p. 568). Also according to Schilling (1962), there were some people, especially Secretary Marshall, was concerned that the rearmament of US would stimulate Soviet Union to increase military expenditure or conduct real attack (p. 147). In the Western Europe, NATO did not have any practical power. It was just symbolic

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