Kotek And Nathanson, Etc.) And Senators Avakian, Devlin,

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Kotek and Nathanson, etc.) and Senators Avakian, Devlin, Monnes Anderson, and Westlund among others. Specification also include how grievances are aired to society. The main idea of this is to put forth grievances in a way that allows demands to be met. However, the demands that are put forward do not have to be based on a specific role. This means that several groups or individuals may share the desire that the same things in society are remedied, but they may not all agree on how to fix the situation. This is because each group or member of a group may have different needs that they want addressed. Looking at obesity in schools, while everyone wants schools to provide better lunches. Some parents are concerned with how much it is going…show more content…
In this case groups and individuals were able to get Oregon to make changes regarding the foods that are served in the state’s school lunch by not only connecting it to a report that placed Oregon low in comparison to the other fifty states. They also connected obesity with several physical and emotional problems that have been found to affect the lives of people who are overweight (Cobb, Ross, & Ross, 1976). These health issues include: diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and poor performance in school. The biggest problem with expansion is that the group could lose control of the situation, especially if a more powerful group that is associated with expansion situation is more dominate that the group that has the original issue. There are four types of groups that may become involved when an issue expands beyond its initial participants. This includes the identification group- this group consists of people who believe that their agenda is tied to that or the initiators. These members are the first ones to react when a situation occurs and tend to support any positions that the initiators take (Cobb, Ross, & Ross, 1976). Decision Making The decision-making plan behind HB 2650 is a combination of Rational Policy Model and Organizational Process Model. The reason that it has been identified as a combination is as follows: (1) as described in the Rational Policy Model, HB2650 was not meant to satisfy the wants or needs of everyone, but to better the lives

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