Krasner Why Nations Fail Summary

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In the reading, Krasner argues that many of the institutions that have been put into place to ensure that these nations prosper are aiding in the issues that these countries possess. The two institutions that are primarily used as policy tools for dealing with these states are governance assistance and transitional administration. Krasner discusses the issues with addressing transitioning between governments when nations are on the verge or have collapsed. Krasner begins in the first section of the reading be discussing what national building is like in collapsed states. He discusses that the idea is for the external actors, to aid the local authorities but still allowing to move towards the idea conventional sovereignty. These external actors are to have limited amount of power in these nations and are only there to ensure that the nation is able to stand on it own feet. But his system is one that is aged and one that is aiding the disfunction that is found in these nations fed by the idea of conventional sovereignty. The idea of conventional sovereignty is on that is built on the fact the world is compromised of many states that are self and well governed and recognized as such.…show more content…
“Recognition of juridically independent territorial entities and nonintervention in the internal affairs of other states…no longer work” (Krasner 2004). Krasner writes that this is most definitely true in the case of collapsed and nations with poor governing bodies. Krasner asserts the belief that the these nations need a more hands on approach which leads him to two new approaches: de facto trusteeships and shared sovereignty arrangements. These two institutions would allow for international organizations or larger more established nations to aid in the improvement of these poorly governed or collapsed
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