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Soko not bitter about Kristen Stewart dating Alicia Cargile, No breakup ballad is in offing Kristen Stewart is having a good time with her girlfriend Alicia Cargile after admitting their relationship publically and her ex-girlfriend Soko, with whom she shared a brief relationship, does not have any problem with the pair. Soko is not at all bitter and does not have any plans to write a bitter breakup ballad, Gossip Cop has learned. A credible source from Soko’s circle has said that she is not even in the studio to work on her new record, leave alone penning a breakup song. She is busy promoting her two films “The Stopover” and “The Dancer” that debuted at Cannes in May. Soko will return to the studio only after the promotions are over and start working on her music so that her new record may come out in March 2017. As far as her relationship with Stewart and the consequent heartbreak is concerned, the duo did not share a long enough relationship to write a song about it. It was very short and therefore, neither Stewart nor her fans need to worry about any Taylor Swift kind of “burn ballad.”…show more content…
According to the tabloid, Soko had fallen hard for Stewart and loved her deeply, but the relationship burned out quickly. It gave Soko major heartache and the fallout was quite devastating for her, prompting her to write about it. Soko reportedly did not want to hold back her emotions as she is not the kind who hides her feelings. So, the “Twilight” actress, known to be fiercely private, had better prepare herself as she had no idea what was
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