Kristen s Cookie Company Case Study Essay

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Kristen’s Cookie Company
Here is the Process Flow Diagram:

The whole process throughput time of making a dozen of cookies is 26 minutes. It takes washing, mixing and spooning 8 minutes to make a dozen of cookies. And preparation and bake time totally are 10 minutes. The final step of cooling, packing and accepting payment of cookies takes roommate 8 minutes to finish the cycle. Assume the night capacity is 4 hours, so Kristen and roommate have 240 minutes operating time. Since the oven only holds one tray, the second dozen takes an additional 10 minutes to bake. For example, first dozen of cookies take 26 minutes to make, second dozen of cookies take 36 minutes to make and third dozen of cookies take 46 minutes to make. So we can …show more content…

Although the oven only holds one tray per time, it takes 6 minutes to washing and mixing steps. So we still need 3 trays to be well-prepare. The bottleneck operation would be the speed of operation, which is time you spend in preparing and baking. The speed with which you can produce cookies depends on the cycle time of baking. If we can rent another oven, it will increase our efficiency in order to make more cookies with lower cost. Because mixer can mix ingredients for up to three dozens cookies, each oven can hold a tray per time. This change would give us solution for production constraints. After increasing capacity of oven, it will make us start our new orders every 5 minutes and 7.5 dozens per hour. So we are willing to pay $200-$300 to rent an extra oven. If we choose to run business without Kristen, her time for one dozen cookies becomes 12 minutes. It will become the labor bottleneck. If the order contains two dozens or more, Kristen’s time for this order becomes 17 minutes and 22 minutes for 3 dozens. For the delay time, there is no need to offer a rate to rush order. Because of our constrains, previous order can be finished on time. We can promise delivery within the campus from 10am to 5pm. Because this period of time would be acceptable for part-time student. We can use message to notify our customers when orders are ready. What we

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