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Since it first began in the late 1800’s, Kroger had been a store motivated to expand itsrole in the community. After first starting out by selling grocery items to customers, it began toalso sell bakery items and opened bakeries within the grocery store itself. This was a bigconvenience for the consumer to be able to shop for most of their grocery items within the samestore. The company then set its sights on the meat industry by purchasing several meat marketsand packing plants. This allowed them to provide cuts of meat to their customers so that theydidn’t have to go to another store to purchase meats. Once again, they found a needed serviceand expanded their role to capitalize on it. Over the years, Kroger’s expansion has followed…show more content…
By not needing to maintain a high profit margin on the fooditems, this has allowed the supercenters to keep their food prices down in comparison with mosttraditional supermarkets.The recession, which started in 2008, has helped drive the need for private-label products,or as they are more commonly called, store brand products. These private-label productsgenerally cost the consumers about twenty-five percent less than the major national brands thatare offered. Throughout the supermarkets and other types of food retailers, the private-labelsales grew by more than 9% from 2008 to 2009, and these types of private-label sales accountedfor about 35% of Kroger’s overall sales. Most stores do not operate their own processing plantsfor these private-label items; Kroger does however operate their own plants for the private-labelproducts. Point of Sale (POS) data systems have allowed the supermarkets and supercenters, to beable to better understand the consumer purchasing behaviors. This has allowed the stores to beable to better manage their inventories and the product promotions. This knowledge has allowedthe stores to be able to bargain better with their suppliers, which has given them the ability tolower the product costs. The next phase of the marketing research that will have a big impact
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