Case Study On Pos System

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This report provides information of POS and would have some examples of POS system in the world, here is a brief description of POS.
The POS system had been created for many decades. The use of POS system is not only accepting payment, but could be used to solve the problems, augment the function of traditional POS terminals. The case study report would be concentrated on modern POS system and the revolution.
A Point of Sale (POS) system is a system to manage the retail terminals and goods. POS system is a products combined by the software and hardware to deal with payment activities and to manage the functional information of retail, including sales tracking, storage management, security, accounting and customers’ information management.
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Case Study
What is POS system?
POS system (POS terminal) is a system combined with software and hardware. Normally, it works with touch screens and non-touch screen based systems. It used to manage the sales of retail goods and help the retailers to keep control to prevent theft
It provides inventory tracing to follow the problems and it help to make better control of the retail activities. POS system makes a business more efficient, lowering the costs and improve customer service and create pleasant environment to work in, which means it help to enhance the control of the business (which can help to keep track the price, update record and accounts receipt).
Mobile POS
Mobile point of sale is a wireless device that works as a cash register or POS terminal. MPOS allow peer to peer services industries to control financial issues in different place, which could improve the customer experience (CX).For example, customers could order items at any spots in the shop since the retailers could make order at anywhere in the shop recently with mobile POS device. According to Margaret Rouse, an mPOS can also be cost-effective, allowing a small business owner to conduct transactions without having to invest in an electronic register or pay someone to support the
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