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Kwesi Murigande
Reflection Paper
Currently due to the internet, access in a wide range of information we live in a time where advancements about the knowledge of humans, communication amongst each other, transportation and overall quality of life has been its best it has ever been. Because of the availability of this information innovation has taken place in all most all facets of life to make society better. Contrary to above there are still that refuse to innovate, the biggest problem for many companies is motivating employees to be as productive as possible. I chose the topic of motivation because in almost every job I have had I’ve noticed the lack of motivation in the work place. The role of fostering motivation is pivotal, …show more content…

Those who showed high level need for power have a strong need to work in positions that allow them to lead and influence others. Lastly, the need for achievement want to take personal responsibility for their success or failure. High n-achievement tend to become entrepreneurs or small business owners. If employers where to implement this theory in the hiring process people would be working jobs more suited to their needs in turn rising the level of productivity. McClelland Theory help me realize what truly inspired me was achievement. Ever since I was young I always worked better alone because the only way I felt comfortable failing was when it was fully on my own account. Entering high school from grade 9-11 I was very focused and was a well-rounded student. I did extra curricula’s and maintained a 3.45 grade point average and I always set a high standard for myself. In Grade 12 I moved back to Canada I struggled I went through depression because I wasn’t achieving what I wanted to achieve. I was down about myself and in addition to that I was adjusting to a completely new school. At that time, I was taking high school courses in the sciences and I was receiving very mediocre grades. Through trial and error, I realised that business was an area that genuinely interested me. I had to look at achievements through a different lens. Achievements can be smaller and less substantial for example, asking myself if I am learning and If I am progressing. In addition

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