LED Stealth Commander

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LED Stealth Commander Installation and Wiring Guide The use of Extreme Tactical Dynamics’ LED Stealth Commander does not guarantee drivers will or can observe or react to the emergency light. It is important for emergency vehicle drivers to never take the right-of-way for granted. The effectiveness of the LED Stealth Commander weighs heavily on the proper installation and wiring of this emergency light. To help you ensure proper installation, we recommend you read the manufacturer’s instructions below, and have the unit installed by an emergency vehicle technician (EVT). LED Stealth Commander Installation and Mounting Instructions The LED Stealth Commander comes with a passenger and driver side unit. The instructions below must be completed …show more content…

But, if you encounter a problem during installation, the problem may be related to battery or wiring connections. Almost all wiring and installation issues are traced back to the battery or wire connections when the steps are repeated. If you have followed the guides above and need further assistance, please contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics’ customer

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