Lab Grown Meat Case Study

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is Lab Grown meat good for us?The question that most people ask if artificial stuff really tastes the same or is it just like the rest of the stuff, Kinda tastes alike but nothing like the real thing. Most of the tie=me people would choose naturally grown stuff anyday over lab grow meat.Most people probably think that its healthier then using artificial meat meat. But, in hein sight lab grown meat is healthier.They can take out the fat and still have it taste the same.Think of all the things that you could eat and cut the calories in half or more then half. For these reasons I think that lab grown meat would not be such a bad idea if not a good idea.
They say that all of the additives and preservatives added are very bad for you.They can kill …show more content…

Although “Studies show that when they fed GMO’s to animals they showed organ damage and also immune system damage.Along with accelerated aging and infertility.”There are a lot of reasons that people shouldn't eat GMO’s currently. Another reason why this wouldn’t be good because they are so bad for you the U.S along with few other countries don't even label it.They don’t want you to know they put poison in your meat.Most countries do label it and make the people of the country make the healthier choice.Some of the other health issues that people could face when they eat these crops that are genetically modified to taste better etc. are Birth Defects,Autism,Alzheimers and even Breast cancer. Most people think that breast cancer is genetic and a lot of the times it is but maybe this will also cause it. Gmo’s are pretty bad but they can also be a good thing. If your looking to eat healthy but you don’t have enough money to buy all of the dietary stuff and still want to eat healthy. Then these would be the way to go although they don’t label them most of the stuff on the counter to buy has them in it already.So the risk that you are taking isn't there because either way you most likely will eat some at one point in time.If you are specifically avoiding them you can go in the organic section and most likely they will not be in most food

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