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Over 800 farmers have been accused due to a problem that should not be a ‘problem’, and the number still growing ( The problem is accidentally growing GMOs, or genetically modified organisms such as those sold by Monsanto. In 1901 Monsanto, one of the largest agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporations was founded. In 1982 Monsanto launched their first project to officially genetically modify an organism. From then on, they have continually been genetically modifying organisms without knowing many possible side effects of human consumption. Monsanto is only one example, but there are many similar corporations that genetically modify organisms. People need to know what can happen if foods that are genetically modified are eaten. Clearly, people must avoid eating foods that have been genetically modified indefinitely. A strong reason as to why people should stop eating genetically modified foods is because they have never been tested. The people testing the foods are the same people as the everyday consumer buying a pack of Doritos® at 7-Eleven® without knowing what may happen. GMOs have unknown possibilities this means anything can happen to the consumer. A credible author writes, “Foreign genetic material in a host can cause other genetic material in that host to behave erratically. Genes can be suppressed or overexpressed, causing a wide variety of results. One consequence of overexpression, for example, can be cancer.” ( CANCER. Is food

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