Lab Report : Gas Exchange Essay

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Bhaveeni Patel Biology Internal AS 91155 GAS EXCHANGE Gas exchange is a biological process through which different gases are transferred in opposite directions across a specialized respiratory system. Gases are constantly required by, and produced as a byproduct of, cellular and metabolic reactions, so an efficient system for their exchange is extremely important. Features of efficient gas exchange are: Large surface area because the larger the surface area the more contact the blood stream has with the air, large surface area is needed to maintain overall high rates of O2 uptake needed by the body. Moist surface area involved to diffuse gases in solution form and to avoid formation of an impenetrable layer that would block the passage of gas. Thin membrane because the thinner the membrane, an increase in the rate of diffusion. Diffusion gradient, they should be able to maintain the diffusion gradient down which the gases can diffuse. GAS EXCHANGE IN SALMON Gas exchange in salmon occur in the gills. The gills are external and are on either side of the fish 's head. Gas exchange in salmon starts with water entering the mouth of the salmon, at this point the gills are closed, the floor of the buccal cavity lowers and water comes in. The mouth closes and the floor of the buccal cavity raises, gills are now open, this decreases the volume which increases the pressure, forcing the water to flow over the gills. Gills are ventilated by a current

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