Lab Report On Density Of Water

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The density of liquids changes depending on the solutes dissolved in the liquid. Density is found by dividing the mass of an object by its volume. The purpose of this lab was to calculate the density of water with sugar mixed within it and calculate the density of a Coca-Cola as well. It was hypothesized that in the first experiment that as the percent of sugar in the water increased so would the density of the water. For the second experiment, it was then hypothesized that the density of 10 mL of Coca-Cola would be more dense rather than water with 20% sugar. Throughout this experiment, several materials and procedures are used to conduct the two parts of this experiment and obtain accurate results. The materials required for the first part are: five beakers (at least 50 milliliters each), 25 grams of sugar, 225 milliliters of deionized water, an electronic balance, Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets, one 25 milliliter graduated cylinder, one 50 milliliter graduated cylinder, one sugar boat, one 2 tablespoon measuring spoon, a pipette, one small spatula, paper towels, one stirring stick, and one can or bottle of your favorite non- diet soda. After materials have been gathered for the first experiment, make five solutions. For the first solution measure out 50mL of deionized water in a 50mL graduated cylinder and use a pipette to make your measurements more precise. Pour the water from the graduated cylinder into one of your beakers, label it and set it aside. For the second

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