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Abstract In Measuring and Understanding Density, several experiments were performed to find density of regularly shaped objects, irregularly shaped objects, liquids and gasses. An additional experiment was done to find the specific gravity of a sampling of liquids. The purpose of the experiment was to provide a better understanding of density and to be able to extrapolate unknowns based upon these calculations. The experiments yielded data in keeping with Kinetic-molecular theory in regards to the density of water versus its temperature. Key measurements and formulae were also used to determine densities of metal and plastic objects as well as irregularly shaped rocks. It is possible to find the density of an object (be it liquid, gas or…show more content…
With volume and mass determined, the density formula (d = m/V) was used to determine the densities of each rock and recorded in g/ml. In the third stage of this experiment, the density of a liquid was determined and compared to known standards. A 100ml beaker was filled to about half-full with room-temperature distilled water. The temperature of the water in ◦C was recorded in order to compare to known standards later. A 50ml beaker was then weighed on a scale in order to determine mass and recorded. A sample of the distilled water with an exact volume of 10ml was then placed in the 50ml beaker using a volumetric pipette. The 50ml beaker with the 10ml of water was then weighed again and the initial mass of the beaker was subtracted from this mass to obtain the mass of the 10ml of water. With the volume and the mass of the water now known, density was calculated using d = m/V and recorded in g/ml. This process was then repeated to check for precision and compared to standard values to check for accuracy. Standard values were obtained from CRC Handbook, 88th Ed. In the fourth stage of this experiment, the density of a gas was determined. A 250ml flask was weighed with an empty rubber balloon and the mass was recorded.

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