Lab Report Physics Paper

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1. Discuss what is being demonstrated in this experiment.
The demonstrated in this experiment is when there is lightweight applied to a cart and there is more weight applied to the pulley then a cart will move faster because the net force is pulling down. When there is more weight applied to a cart, and less weight applied to the pulley, a cart will still move, but not fast like part A. There is a relationship between force, mass and acceleration and those three are the demonstrated of this experiment.

4. For the cart, using the weight of the cart along the incline as the tension, compare this to the actual value obtained either up or down. Explain why they are different.
The difference between a cart going up, and a cart coming down at the constant velocity. When a cart was going upward, the pulley has more mass and it was heavy to pull the cart upward. However, when a cart was going downward, the pulley had less mass to push the cart downward at the constant speed. They are different because one had more weight and another had less weight.

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This experiment taught us, how PASCO photogate device helped us to find the constant velocity, while a cart sliding on the flat surface forward and backward. Experiment 9, allowed us to learn how to M2 Cart (kg), M1 hanger (kg), and Angle (degrees) to find the missing value of the friction Theo, experiment average, normal, friction coefficient, a percentage error of coefficient, and the percentage error. It also helped us to find the constant velocity while a cart going up and rolling down on an angle ramp. Overall, this experiment increased out knowledge of how to use formulas and Newton’s law to get the results of the experiment and how to maintain the velocity of a cart in the same speed by weight of the
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