Labeling Theory: The Effects Of Tagging An Individual Criminal

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In trying to understand crime and societies impact on the individual criminal, we can look towards many theories. The labeling theory, which society can share the blame for as well, categorizes criminals who are simply filling their role. It is applied to a specific class of people to include criminal, felons and juvenile delinquents (Schmalleger, 2016). Once the individual has become labeled, they consciously or subconsciously fulfill the roll they were given. Compounding the individual’s obstacles are the legal tags they also become associated with. The effects of tagging an individual begin at the local community level and can be seen throughout the criminal justice system (Schmalleger, 2016). In example, assume a young male is arrested …show more content…

President Obama attempted to pass many measures to do such, but essentially, they only took hold on the state level. However, he was able to stop several federal agencies from asking about a person’s criminal history during the hiring process (Baker, 2015). The BMW Manufacturing facility located in Spartanburg, South Carolina has prided itself on diversity for many years, as do most German owned companies (Diversity, 2017). Due to the public outcry during the Obama presidency, the BMW facility was pressured into ending all criminal history background checks at their Spartanburg BMW facility and were accused of declining too many minority applications for felony drug offenses. This provides an example of peacekeeping criminology gone wrong. The average citizen would likely assume a habitual drug user in a manufacturing facility bares the potential for a dangerous situation with a lingering liability. However, as a result of peacekeeping or compassionate criminology, some people argue business should be forced into hiring these individuals with criminal backgrounds (Schmalleger, 2016). Thus, creating situations where a business is compelled to comply and place individuals at risk. BMW Manufacturing, provides high-end, luxury vehicles and supports a large portion of the Upstate of South Carolina. They were forced to reinstate background checks after a steep uptick in worker’s compensations claims and workplace crimes. It’s easy to disregard the negative effects which occur when peacekeeping criminology is forced on others by those seeking some sort of social justice; especially when it’s concerning a billion-dollar car

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