Laboratory Of Neural Systems, Decision Science, Learning And Memory ( Nsdslm )

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Laboratory of Neural Systems, Decision Science, Learning and Memory (NSDSLM), also known as the Mizumori lab, seeks to understand the plasticity mechanisms within neural systems that underlie normal and pathological mnemonic functions. The principal investigator of this lab, and my primary research mentor is Dr. Sheri Mizumori. Upon joining the Mizumori lab, I have been shadowing Dr. Phillip Baker on his postdoctoral research project. He introduced me to laboratory research study and facilitated in the progressive improvement of my comprehension in basic neuroscience research.
The initial study that I began working on with Dr. Baker was about lateral habenula’s (LHb) involvement in behavior switching when presented with a cue. The LHb is a structure identified for its role in signaling negative outcomes or cues (Bomberg-Martin et al, 2011; Proulex et al, 2014). It projects to dopaminergic, serotoninergic, and norepinephrine systems that are acknowledged to be important when switches in behavior are required (Robbins and Arnsten, 2009; Lecourtier and Kelly, 2007). My responsibilities in this study mainly included handling and training rats, recording of rat behaviors through a series of sensors and robotic doors around the T-maze controlled by z-basic, and evaluating data from training and testing rats in a tonal task. I also had an opportunity to contribute to the paper in accordance with my responsibilities. Furthermore, I had a chance to partake in the histology

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