Lack Of Lack Sleep Deprivation

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What exactly is sleep? Sleep not only allows the human body to rest and reset after a long day but it also plays a critical role in immune function, metabolism, memory, learning and our vital body functions (Harvard Medical School, n.d.). When the human body becomes warn down and unable to properly regenerate and rest, it becomes more and more susceptible to disease, infection and health complications. In the American culture society burns the candle at both ends which often spirals into a whole complicated mess of sleep deprivation, poor decisions, poor diet and nutrition and memory issues (Harvard Medical School, n.d.). It is absolutely vital that humans get at least the minimal amount of sleep required to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The study explored in this paper reveals the consequences of insufficient sleep in addition to the health risks associated with this insufficiency. The hypothesis currently being researched is the assumption that sleep deprivation has and will continue to have serious consequences on the human body including mental well being and cognitive performance (Alhola & Polo-Kantola, 2007). The specific study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation (2007) indicated that it is common in everyday life for the majority of individuals to experience prolonged wakefulness due to acute total sleep deprivation as a result of a high paced lifestyle. Sleep studies are completely relevant to our society as this problem is widespread, meaning it does not

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