Lack Of Monetary Aid Creates Socioeconomic Problems For The Poor Essay

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The cycle of poverty is a powerful weapon and those who are close or below the line of poverty are trapped in this vicious cycle. The viciousness of poverty is a universal problem, every country as to deal with poverty, but some people are more vulnerable than others to become victims of poverty. Often times society makes it appear as if people want to be poor because there are countless opportunities but this is not so. By just being close to the poverty line means limited access to jobs. There has been a scarcity of jobs because most of which have moved overseas for cheaper labor; or those which have been replaced by technology, or have been shut down such the automotive business. The lack of monetary aid creates socioeconomic problems for the poor. The poor face issues such as lack of effective resources and stable infrastructure of those children that attend schools in poor areas. There are many people that are unaware of the predicament of the poor. It is therefore my aim to enlighten the reader that the cycle of poverty is extremely difficult to escape, especially when they are faced with the above mentioned problems. The odds are against those in poverty and despite the numerous improvements in society that there is an extreme gap between the poor and the top one percent.
Writer Eli Khamarov states, “Poverty is like punishment for a crime you did not commit.” No one wants to be poor and why should they be punished for being a part of a certain social class and race.

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