Lack Of Socialization, Nutritional, And Wound Care Education

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Mr. Yoder’s has several needs that should be addressed. His drinking, lack of socialization, nutritional status, hyperglycemia and his lack of understanding on how to manage it, along with the infection in his foot and his noncompliance in taking his antibiotics. According to the BMI calculator from CDC, Mr. Yoder’s BMI is 32.6 placing him in the obese category for his height.
Due to the impact of the overall aging process of the body, Mr. Yoder’s age increases his risk of potential complications.
With his foot infection, uncontrolled DM, poor eating habits, and lack of understanding his risk of readmission is extremely high.
Some of the measures needed to reduce the risk of readmission are diabetes, nutritional, and wound care
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Initially, I would start with Media audiovisual presentations such as videos or in some cases, many hospitals have select channels and programs designated for patient education. It would also be beneficial to have his son watch these presentations with him. These presentation would include information regarding diabetes management, wound care, and importance of proper nutrition.

Once the patient and son have seen the presentations it would be important to take time out over the course of the hospital stay to have one on one discussions. The nurse could provide some of the education however, some hospitals have diabetes educators, dieticians, and wound care nurses that can be consulted and assist with the one on one discussion. Starting with the audiovisual aids provides visual and comprehensive overview of the patient’s disease process.
Providing the patient and family with one on one discussion time allows them to ask questions for clarification and it provides the nurse or healthcare team information in terms of the patient’s comprehension of information presented and identifies further educational needs.
Including Mr. Yoder’s son in the discharge planning increase Mr. Yoder’s support. His son should be included in all aspects of the discharge plan.
Mr. Yoder clearly does not have an understanding of diabetes management. He appears forgetful and somewhat unconcerned about his illness as demonstrated by his
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