Lack of Communication Is the Biggest Problem in Healthcare Today

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Problem Statement & Introduction One of the major problems in healthcare today is the ineffective communication among hospital personnel, patients and their families, and the effect it has on patient safety. Communication, as a whole, is very complex and is the root of teamwork and collaboration which aids in keeping patients safe in the hospital. Throughout the healthcare field today patient-centered care and patient safety seem to be major focus points. Unfortunately, ineffective communication can potentially cause patient harm and even death. The breech in ineffective communication between hospital staff and family was clearly portrayed in the story of Lewis Blackman. The lack of both communication, not just verbally but through …show more content…

During the multiple days Lewis was in the hospital a series of symptoms developed and he was misdiagnosed by doctors twice. Many staff members from the healthcare team came in and out of Lewis’s room without properly identifying themselves to Lewis or his family (Haskell, 2009). As portrayed in Appendix 1, all of these safety mishaps during Lewis’s stay led to a decrease in patient and family satisfaction. Also, patient-centered care seems to have almost not even existed in Lewis’s story which affected his safety. Purpose Statement The purpose of this paper is to discuss how lack of communication is the root cause in a patient’s demise. The author will argue that poor collaboration of doctors and nurses, overall satisfaction, and patient-centered care collectively affect patient safety. This paper will enunciate the primary causes that were detected and propose a solution to further enhance the safety and well-being of patients. Quality Measure There are six quality and safety measures as defined by the Institute of medicine (IOM); patient-centered care, evidenced based practice, continuous quality improvement, safety, informatics, and teamwork and collaboration (Cherry & Jacob, 2014). The safety measure is best paralleled with the topic of communication presented throughout this paper. “Safety is the effort to minimize risk of harm to patients through system effectiveness and individual performance” (Cherry & Jacob, 2014,

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