Lady Capulet And Juliet : Questions : Romeo And Juliet

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Questions: What were the marriage laws at the time? If Juliet is married to Romeo in secret, can she marry Count Paris? Why would Count Paris be willing to marry Juliet even though she is currently going through a hard time? Why not be there for her in order to build a relationship before marriage? Is Lady Capulet actually excited for her daughter to marry at such a young age? Was she also a young bride? If so, does she judge the marriage fair? What is going through the nurse’s head as she sees the fit of rage from Capulet? Is she disgusted by Lady Capulet not protecting her daughter? If the nurse is a person that protects Juliet and someone to confide in, why does Juliet not tell of her plans with Friar Lawrence later on? Didn’t the nurse prove her loyalty to Juliet and her decisions? Relationships: Lady Capulet and Lord Capulet I find their relationship to be abusive, from Capulet’s end, and lacking in love for a multitude of reasons. One, when reading Act 1.2 Capulet mentions those who are married early are spoilt in short time, which is a nod to the decayment of his own marriage. Moreover, the early marriage is later confirmed by Lady Capulet who stated she was married and a mother at the age of Juliet. Although Capulet is abusive, he and Lady Capulet are still a team which is possibly due to her fear to stand up to him. For an example, he still uses terms such as our, showing that they take part in making the decisions together, even if they do not, and he always

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