Lady Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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Lady Macbeth was not evil she was misunderstood Claim thou art, and Cawdor and shalt be what thou art promised. (Quote) In many of his plays, William Shakespeare portrays women as more virtuous than men. Lady Macbeth, strong ambitious women who’s confidence, faithful and capable of almost anything. For example, in endless love, we notice the endless love they both share for each other, where fate still brought them back together even after all the influences affecting jade’s life, the overpowering of her father.More similarly, in The Winter 's Tale, we witness Hermione patiently enduring her miserable plight at the hands of the raging Leontes. Furthermore, we notice that very few of Shakespeare 's villains are female. in quite a few of his written pieces, Shakespeare seems to support the view that women are by nature tender, loving, and incapable of the evils which men often commit. Lady Macbeth strongly stood against tradition, portraying such masculine characteristics. Lady Macbeth was not evil, she was misunderstood, she showed endless love for her spineless husband, she mourned the loss of her young child. Lady Macbeth also showed quite ambition, traditionally this was not accepted within the community Reading the play of Macbeth, Macbeth appears to run counter to this common image of women, for in this tragedy, we see a wiliness Lady Macbeth planning to kill king Duncan Her brutality in pressuring Macbeth to carry out the murder leads us to believe that Lady
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