Lady Wisdom : The Power Of God

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Today, in current modern society, women and men are continuingly questioning traditional biblical teachings about deity. Even though numerous people claim that God is beyond gender, history constitutes as evidence of referring God to “Him” as masculine and addressing Him as Lord, King, and Father, further providing a strong conditioning factor in our lives, whether one is religious or not. Rituals and duties have been placed in the hands of men, and the hierarchy has been put firmly in place, therefore revealing that their worth has been subordinated and demeaned in the structures of both society and church. Modern feminists and research reveal that this assumption is mistaken. Lady Wisdom’s attributes and various other examples prove why biblical concepts are relevant in light of our contemporary environmental situation and the experience of women. The first attribute of Lady Wisdom can be explained through Terence Fretheim’s word in that God created Wisdom but she had also existed from the beginning. Nature and the elements of the natural world noticeably dominate creation and its performance is a fundamental source of wisdom. God’s principle first stated, in terms of creation, that Woman Wisdom is the foundation of moral and cosmic order in the universe. Fretheim exclaimed that she “was the necessary precondition for a well-constructed world” as well as “the glue that holds everything in a stable and harmonious whole” (Butkus and Kolmes 145). In Fretheim’s

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