Lake Trout Fishing Research Paper

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Trout fishing, one of the most common types of fishing today, has a wide array of strategies and equipment tailored to it. Trout Fishing in America, though simple, does not lack depth. Cutthroat trout fishing is a western angler favorite on big, fast-moving waters. After all, it is just trout fishing and I live in the heart of some of the finest trout waters on the planet. While, trout fishing during the summer and early fall can provide some very exciting and rewarding angling experiences, anglers should exercise caution when landing and handling trout. Rainbow trout are probably the most common and easiest to catch of all trout in North America.

Lake trout ( Salvelinus namaycush ), like brook trout, belong to the char genus. The lake trout is by far the largest of the trouts. Because of the long life span of lake trout, most of the biomass of a population will consist of fish five to 15 years of age or older. Through the ice, on summer's glassy waters and every season in between. Fishing for trout in lakes requires different …show more content…

-- Streams with stronger habitat fare better. In April and May, stocked trout streams are running high and cold and are perfectly suited to hold trout. Many streams known to support trout year-round are stocked annually with fingerling brown trout. Trout stamp provisions that apply in designated trout streams will also apply to any pond so stocked with trout, except that trout stamp requirements will not be enforced in ponds stocked with trout from April 1 through February 28. In streams where natural baits can be used, minnows, insects and worms are all good choices. Stocked streams don’t often have the prolific bug life that makes native trout streams thrive—but they do have crayfish, and any trout that survive into the warmer months will be preying on these

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