Lakeland Case Study

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Three Must Destinations in Lakeland
To a tourist visiting Florida, there is a break he can pass on distant from the tedious rides in the iconic theme parks of Disneyworld in Orlando or the fine white sand beaches in the Tampa area. This is particularly so when the trip involves a family. Cost notwithstanding, Lakeland, located 42 minutes from the theme parks from the East and about 45 minutes West to the Tampa shores of Central Florida, offer places to travel that are loose on the budget.
1. Polk Museum of Arts- settled in the downtown district, it is home to modern and contemporary arts that began its collection in 1983. To date, it possesses a massive array of African, Asian, Pre-Cuban art pieces that rank from metals, porcelains recording back from the 18th century. It has recently combined collections from 20th-century artists like Picasso and Dali. Entrance is free. It shares the driveway with the Lakeland Library on Palmetto St. just off Florida State Univesity.
2. Circle B Bar Museum- Off the Polk State College is the Circle B Bar Reserve, that results to protect Lake Hancock's floodplain and the Banana Creek marsh system. The area is a free access to anybody visiting for it extends unrestricted activities like bicycling, walking, kayaking bird watching, fishing and
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Kids can soak in the water dashing from the walls and the ground without the concern of drowning, however, the park renders a lifeguard the whole time it is open. Similarly, kids fancy rock hunting throughout the playground blotched with painted, monogrammed and picture inscribed rocks hidden all over the grass, rides, trees that surround the park. For older kids, climb towers as high as 21 ft, are readily open while a special provision for toddlers has also been added at the same time that an indoor area for mommies to relax in is
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